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What is "SANMONJU" professional scissors

Each and every pair is handmade by professional craftsmen with skills that have been initiated for over 120 years.

Using the particularly chosen hi-quality steel for the blade gives the scissors the finest cut that last long. Through our many years of research, we have invented "friction zero" screws which we call “DOUBLE BEARING SCREWS”.
The light movement overwhelms the others. The “DOUBLE BEARING SCREWS” are built highly accurate to prevent the blades from rattling, which leads to even sharpness for every cut you make. “DOUBLE BEARING SCREWS” are maintenance-free and adjustment-free.

The "SANMONJU" professional scissors are not just beautiful in its form. They fit in your hand to assure you that you can exert your full technique as a professional hair beautician.

"SANMONJU" professional scissors is the scissors with beautiful form and high performance that is manufactured in Japan.

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