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Read before use

Precondition cutting Before using a brand new or sharpened pair of scissors,
enough precondition is needed.
By breaking in, sharpness of yournew scissor will last longer.
*Not preconditioning your scissors could cause chipping your blades.
Air cutting If you open and close your scissors in the air with no target,
it could ruin the back side of the blade.
Thumb force Putting force on your thumb when cutting will cause corrosion.
And it will quicken the scissor to wear.
It could also cause pain to your fingers and hands.

*"SANMONJU" professional scissors are for cutting hair. do not use them for any other purposes.

Adjusting the screw

A loose screw will cause chipped blades.
Adjust it so that when you pull your finger out of the finger hole,
the finger ring stops right before touching the bumper.

Adjusting the screw

Maintenance for your scissors

  • Wipe your scissors with a tissue paper after every use.
  • Apply maintenance oil to both sides of the blade after work.
    (also take any hair clogged in the pivot point)
  • When using the chamois leather, fold the leather in half,
    and wipe from the base to the tip of the blade.
    *Please be careful not to cut your fingers or hands.
  • Maintenance for your scissors

    Scissor oil
    1,500 yen

  • Super Chamois

    Super Chamoiss
    artificial chamois leather manufactured by KURARAY Co., Ltd.
    2,000 yen

    Our chamois leather is made of hi-quality artificial leather manufatured by KURARY Co., Ltd.
    It is polish dust-free. If it gets dirty, you can wash it and use it again.

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